Shalia wants to grow with an amazing and integrated MARKETING/ADVERTISING team. That not only focuses on the challenges of today's society, but creates life changing solutions that will impact the world.

With a passion and a strong understanding for coordination, media and design. Shalia is always researching marketing and technology trends. She is very tech-savvy and an expert to the entire Microsoft Office, several social media channels, iMovie and Adobe Creative Suite. Shalia has developed over 15 email campaigns, 20 promotional activities through different marketing principles, all for a diverse set of industries.

After moving from New York and graduating from the Reginald F. Lewis College of Business in Petersburg, VA. Shalia has achieved a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business Marketing. Worked with a variety of brands from technology, hospitality, entertainment and retail. During her years in Marketing, she has successfully completed 10+ B2B and B2C campaigns. Raised over $25k through various fundraisers, developed social media content for channels including Twitter, Google+, Company Blogs, and Instagram. Managed over 12 lead generation commercial events with excellent organizational skills. Shalia has solved crucial administrative duties on tight deadlines, while staying on budget and managing client relationships to increase the quality of many organizations.

With her rich eclectic history in business marketing, Shalia specializes in media and campaigns. She can engage your target audience on all levels of traditional and digital marketing. Shalia is creative, adaptable and full of ambition; she is an essential team player that strives for excellence. She believes in the many new ways we can connect with people and she have a desire to explore that power.