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See some of the past digital work below and/or on LinkedIn.

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Feature 1

Used Squarespace and Wordpress

OBJECTIVE: Managed company website and campaign landing pages. Managed design, search engine optimization, content and maintenance as needed. Updates to the website were made on a weekly basis. New Collateral, Announcements and Blogs were all managed and posted by me.

Feature 2

OBJECTIVE: Work with the PR firm, twice each week on the creation and posting of social media content. Then also posted designated blog link to the specific websites afterwards.

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Feature 3

A new whitepaper from IDC was sent to a commercial industry specific lists.

General list = 12,711 leads. Email was deployed then tracked using Marketo,

Triblio and Google Analytics.

Note: Sales team was also given a follow-up sales email.

OBJECTIVE: A leading technology company wanted to start tracking the

impressions of their leads. I developed a weekly metric system using Microsoft

Excel. Pulled results from Marketo, Tribilio and Google Analytics. The above

spreadsheet has page views, visits, bounce rates and specific campaigns outcome.