"Cruz" was born in Newark NJ. Raised in Annandale and Virginia. As a child Tiffany Always liked music and performing. Tiffany was always into music and showcased her talent in local talent shows and surprised everyone with her catchy song writing and undeniable stage presence. During her teenage years She began to go down the wrong path. Hanging with gang members and not graduating high school. Some of Tiffany's close friends are dead or doing life in prison right now. To get away from all the death following her tiffany decided to move back to New Jersey with family members. During the time spent in New Jersey Tiffany decided she had to do something with her life. She applied for Virginia state university with only a GED. Months later she received a letter in the mail that read she got accepted. Currently Tiffany is finishing up her senior year in college and has got her foot in the door with her music. By the grace of god tiffany has also linked with Ariston Music Group as the first female rapper of the camp.She has been mentored by hip hop pioneers lords of the underground, Malcolm miles ymcmb vp of promotions, and many more jersey legends. Damu mtume is currently her manager (bilals manager). Tiffany plans on pursuing her career as a female artist that doesn't have to be overly sexy to make it in the industry. Tiffany remains true to who she is and gets embraced by her persistency to make it as a female rapper.